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In honour of

Omar EL Baghdady

Omar was an exceptionally talented young man who made a positive impact in our community. Omar, as a member of a Grenfell bereaved family, was proud of his community. He found his voice and inspired so much respect from his peers and our community here in North Kensington. His commitment and his work ethic were commendable. All of us here at SPACE are incredibly proud to have counted him as part of our team.  While Omar was doing his summer work experience, we learned so much from him. He was passionate about justice and accountability. There are not many young people like Omar. He was generous, and he showed us the power of kindness. He believed in community ownership and people power to lead and make decisions about their area. 

With your help, we want to continue the work we started with Omar. We want young people to learn from his strength, his values and his aspirations for the future, so that young people become empowered, confident, and create opportunities in their areas. 

With your help, we are building a young people's centre of excellence, designed by young people to support children, young people and their parents. In particular we want to design an Omar EL Baghdady Academy to give young people the skills to thrive in the adult world and to help them find their voice in society. 

About the SPACE

The SPACE is a fast-growing West London charity that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of communities - in particular those who are still recovering from the mental health impact of the Grenfell Tower fire - via peer support, access to therapy and befriending. We also support vulnerable people and local families hit by the cost-of-liviing crisis through a food and clothes bank, as well as providing baby essentials to families facing a crisis. 

Established in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, The SPACE empowers local communities to thrive and build a better future for themselves and their children.

The SPACE has engaged with over 5,000 people including many people who come from different backgrounds. We serve an average of 500 people per week, providing them with practical support and creating opportunities for people to move on to long-term employment. 

The SPACE has successfully organised and run many events, including health and wellness fairs, school uniform and clothing distribution, and community celebrations, incorporating complementary therapies, children's coaching sessions, advice surgeries and more. 

The team is made up of many inspirational and selfless people. The services are run by the community for the community, and all our volunteers go the extra mile to help.

We will always be doing our best to support the most vulnerable in our society.

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