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                                                                                                    Privacy Policy

We collect and use information about you to help support your needs and improve our services.

We always let you decide what you’re comfortable telling us, explain why we need your information and keep it confidential. When we keep something you tell us, we:

  • only access it when we have a good reason

  • only share what is necessary and relevant

  • don’t sell it to commercial organisations

Your information will be used to provide you with support services. We also use information in a way that doesn’t directly identify you to understand how we can meet your needs.

You can decide exactly what information you are happy to tell us. We’ll use the information because we have a ‘legitimate interest’ to do so for the purpose of providing you with advice and carrying out research.

When we ask for more private information about you, like any health conditions or ethnicity, we will need to get your consent. This is because this information is treated in a special way by the law. You can always withdraw this consent and request we remove what you told us.

The record of your case will be stored securely in an electronic case management system used jointly by the SPACE only. We are all responsible for keeping it safe.

We keep records for 6 years.

We will generally not share information without your permission, unless required to do so by law or in some very limited situations, such as to protect you or someone else from serious harm.

If a particular service involves sharing your information without permission, we will always let you know upfront that it isn’t confidential.

You can contact us and ask us:

  • what information we’ve stored about you and get a copy to keep

  • to change or update your information

  • to delete your information from our records or withdraw your consent

  • to stop using your information


If you have any questions about how your information is collected or used, you can contact us at the SPACE 214 Freston Road W10 6TT

If you’re not happy with how we have used your information, you can contact us at:

You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office to raise a concern about how we have used your information:
0303 123 1113

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